Because our Security staff are “Always There,” 24/7, they serve as Concierge, Receptionist, On-Site Office, Emergency Response, Visitor Registrar, and so much
more. So, if you need anything, contact our security/concierge staff. They will take care of you, or point you in the right direction.

·      eMail:

·      Stonebriar Gate Guardhouse Phone: (972) 625-8756

We have a Visitor Management System as part of our neighborhood security. For the convenience of our residents, we enroll the very same toll tags used on the nearby freeways and toll roads.  Vehicles with registered toll tags enter via the dedicated "fast lane." Everyone else must check in at the Guardhouse, and after a resident approves entry, they are given a pass and directions to the residents address. We do check identification and we do record Vehicle License Plates on our security cameras for all visitor vehicles.

Security staff works closely with the Block Captains of the Neighborhood Watch committee and offers the service of a courtesy "out of town check" when resident's are away. Regular patrols in a marked patrol vehicle ensure the Security staff is in the neighborhood as well as the entry gate.