Parks & Paths

 "Street Festival" in our Shadow Ridge Park - May 2012.  Just one of many neighborhood events in our parks. National Night Out, Dallas Cowboys watching parties, or just celebrating a holiday is a reason to get together.  
  We have two parks: Shadow Ridge Park and Biltmoore Park. There is always a place for the kids to play.  The basketball court is popular for a pickup game or many of the adult activities.  Pavilions make a great place for a family picnic. Or, just sit on the bench and enjoy the scenery.
Sure we have sidewalks, but the streets are nice, too.  You will see us on both whether walking the dog, taking a jog, or riding your bike.  A lot of us take a regular power walk - another good way to meet your neighbors.  
You cannot walk very far without passing a pond, waterfall or fountain, and maybe even someone fishing.  Ducks and geese are common.  

  Fall color creates a journey that changes the view almost every day.  Nevertheless, most of our trees and shrubs are evergreen, so even winter feels alive.