We are located at 2525 Stonebriar Drive, just off Legacy Drive in Frisco Texas.

Community Contact Guardhouse & Concierge Staff
   Community Contact Email Address:gatehouse@stonebriarvillage.com
   Community Contact Phone Number: (972) 625-8756
Management ContactAssocia North Texas
   Community Manager: Monika Loeffler
   Community Manager Email Address:monika.loeffler@associa.us
   Community Manager Phone Number:(972) 464-5015


  • Are you affiliated with Stonebriar Country Club?
    • No.  Although the residential neighborhood and the country club were built by the same developer, there is no business relationship nor favorable club pricing.  However, many homeowners enjoy beautifully landscaped backyard views and have joined the club as social, tennis, or golf members.
  • What amenities are available in Stonebriar Village?
    • The neighborhood is interlaced with parks, playgrounds, ponds, fountains, mature trees, seasonal landscaping and forever views across golf fairways.  Stonebriar Village provides restricted vehicle access,  with a gatehouse staffed 24 x 7 by uniformed professionals who also make hourly vehicle patrols.  We keep our HOA dues low by not maintaining swimming pools, tennis courts, or indoor meeting areas.  It has been our practice to contract with management companies or the country club for meeting space.
  • Are there any leasing restrictions?
    • We do not allow short term rentals.  However, we do allow leases if for not less than an initial term of 6 months.  Subleases or subrentals are not allowed and both the Owner and the Residents are both bound by our governing documents.
  • What kind of modifications require approval of the Architectural Modification Committee (AMC)?
    • We strive to preserve the natural setting and beauty of the neighborhood and to preserve a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing design that protects and promotes property values.  Proposed modifications must be reviewed by the AMC for compliance with building codes and city ordinances as well as our governing documents.  Within these principles and restrictions the AMC will assist the homeowner in understanding the options available towards solutions acceptable to both the homeowner and our neighborhood at large.  Some of the more common modification requests involve fences, roof replacement, swimming pools/spas, painting, play structures, major landscaping, pool pavilions, gazebos and pergolas.
  • Are there any restrictions on pets?
    • Many of our residents have domestic pets which must be on a leash and have any droppings removed by the owner.  Farm animals or animals raised for commercial purposes are not permitted.  Dangerous animals or animals that make an unreasonable amount of noise are not allowed in accordance with the ordinances of the City of Frisco.
  • Does Stonebriar Village have any parking restrictions?
    • In general, residents are expected to park their vehicles in their garages overnight and keep their garages available for parking of their vehicles.  Large vehicles, buses/vans and items that will not fit in the garage such as RVs, boat trailers, etc. must be kept off site unless staging before or after a trip.  Guests are not allowed to park in the street overnight unless registered with the gatehouse staff, as might be required for large holiday/family gathering.  Vehicles of contractors and service personnel are not allowed in the neighborhood on most holidays, and Sundays, or before 7am or after 10pm Monday through Saturday, and may not be left parked in the driveway or street overnight (except when registered for emergencies).